With the completion of a few tweaks, we’ve now finalized the video book trailer for my new Faulk Carpenter Thriller debut novel, THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

The video is now online at:

The book itself is also online as an Amazon E-Book Original… (wink) but posting it there was an experiment of sorts. I completed the m/s early in the summer, and normally would have sent it around to other authors for pre-revision insights and comments.

But (as we writers all know) that oft tempts commenters to veer into the “if this were MY manuscript, I’d…” -sort of reaction. That’s often less helpful than it might be.

So I mocked up a cover, published it at Amazon, and only then did I ask a list of selected authors & editors to give it a read. My theory was that they would then be reacting to a “book,” not a m/s.

Willy-nilly, that’s precisely what happened. A number of “this worked for me, this didn’t” -comments helped me refine a final version of the novel… based on MY story, rather than what “they” would have written.

And now I feel confident in taking THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES to market with “traditional” publishing houses— or, should we go the other way, selling an improved version as a self-pub release.

In any event, LAW is still up on Amazon for e-purchase. If I sell it to a trad-publisher, we’ll pull it from there… (grin) and the publisher’s version will likely be more expensive.

So better buy it NOW, eh? That way, you get a bargain book… and I get to keep the full royalties.

Enjoy the video book trailer, I hope!

— Earl Merkel

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