Putting A Pin (Or Hypodermic Needle) In A “False” Meme…

Blog Post By Earl Merkel

February 17, 2015

There’s a fabricated “quote” —i.e., the “it never happened” sort— STILL making the rounds on social media… despite being debunked as a publication’s (un-labled as) “satire.” I’ve posted it below as the an illustration at the end of this blog.

<chuckle> In fairness, it might be the time to put a pin (or, more fittingly, a hypodermic needle) in the “common knowledge” that the anti-vaccination crowd consists of politically-conservative stereotypes, no?

I’ll quote Seth Mnookin —whom I’ve interviewed in the past and who is by no means a right-winger… but who IS the author of “The Panic Virus: A True Story Of Medicine, Science And Fear,” which focuses on the vaccine-and-autism phenom:

Q: There’s a perception that vaccine refusal is especially common among affluent, well-educated, politically liberal parents—is there any truth to that?

Mnookin: “It’s dangerous to make broad generalizations about a group, but anecdotally and from the overall data that’s been collected it seems to be people who are very actively involved in every possible decision regarding their children’s lives…”

Q: But why liberals?

Mnookin: “I think it taps into the organic natural movement in a lot of ways.

“I talked to a public health official and asked him what’s the best way to anticipate where there might be higher than normal rates of vaccine noncompliance, and he said take a map and put a pin wherever there’s a Whole Foods. I sort of laughed, and he said, ‘No, really, I’m not joking.’ It’s those communities with the Prius driving, composting, organic food-eating people.”

• • •

Okay, I’m sure there are ignorant people from BOTH sides of our gaping-wide political spectrum who have bought into this autism/vaccine stupidity. But let’s admit—honestly and fairly, and particularly on this issue of public health & safety— that using fraudulent Internet “memes” to stoke political division is both inane and rather childish, eh?

If you re-published this particular one without question—or knee-jerk’d a vitriolic comment in response— you should be ashamed… and should apologize, in public.

For the “debunking” of this Raging Rumor, see: http://www.mediaite.com/online/no-joni-ernst-didnt-claim-vaccines-turn-people-liberal/

— Earl Merkel

This is the fake— repeat, FAKE— meme mentioned in the above blog. ‚ EM

This is the fake— repeat, FAKE— meme mentioned in the above blog. ‚ EM

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