(CLICK!) Don’t Move– You’re In A Literary Minefield!

Blog Posting by Earl Merkel

Okay, fellow thriller-writers– having just seen this literary device in yet-another “would you look this over for me” m/s (and having once used it myself in a first draft, mercifully short-circuited by several military folks who stopped me before it was too late), let me suggest an early re-write:

That scene of yours? The one where the guy steps on a buried mine, hears the “click!” and freezes? Cuz if he lifts his foot, it explodes?

My sources inform me that there is not, nor has been, any such mine used by the military.

“Why the &@*% would we?” one of ’em told me. “Step on it, it blows. We’re not using minefields for a &@*%-ing ‘practical joke,’ for $#/^‘s sake…”

I cannot, personally& thankfully, testify to the accuracy of his statement. But he DID seem pretty emphatic about it.

I removed the scene. You might want to do the same. — EM

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